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Innotec - Xpress Wax 200ml

Marke: Innotec
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Xpress Wax is a unique sprayable wax for cars, motorcycles, caravans, boats and all other high-gloss surfaces.

Xpress Wax is a liquid product with hydrophobic wax technology that is applied to the surface to be treated by means of fine mist. In combination with a soft microfibre cloth, Xpress Wax delivers a streak-free, shiny result in no time. In addition to a long-lasting deep shine, the product also provides protection. Applying and rubbing lightly also has a cleansing effect. Please note: heavily soiled surfaces must first be pre-cleaned with Xpress Wash due to the possible rubbing in of scratching contaminants.

Xpress Wax can be used on all glossy lacquers, plastics, (safety) glass, chrome, mirrors and high-gloss furniture/kitchens. The hydrophobic wax technology creates a very nice and smooth gloss layer that has a protective and water-repellent effect (“lotus effect”), so that dirt will adhere less quickly.

The special pressure packaging based on air pressure instead of regular propellants can be used at any angle (360°) and can be emptied 100%.

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