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3D Car Care

3D Car Care - AAT 502 Finishing Polish

Brand: 3D Car Care
Availability: In stock

3D AAT Finishing Polish is worth getting excited about. This finish polish delivers a long, smooth polishing cycle that lets you grin from ear to ear by the time you finish your first section pass. Formulated using Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), 3D AAT Finishing Polish is able to remove light swirls, holograms and maring from the paint and still deliver a perfect finish. 3D AAT Finishing Polish is silicone free and safe for the body shop.

AAT Finishing Polish is just as easy, if not easier, to wipe off than most high-end carnauba pastes. The Finishing Polish leaves no streaks or marks!

AAT Finishing Polish is so concentrated that you don't even have to prime your polishing pad. Three drops the size of a dime are more than enough product to finish the entire hood of a small sedan.



  • 8.oz = 236,58ml
  • 32.oz = 946,35ml


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