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VooDoo Ride

VooDoo Ride - All-in One Polish

Brand: VooDoo Ride
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Product information "All-in One Polish"
Cleaner / Polish / Sealant
Repairs imperfections in the paint.
Do not feel like rubbing hours to let excel your body? Then you will love this overhead; In no time it will remove all imperfections and renew your vehicle and do shine!
Say "bye bye *" your micro scratches, paint spray matte varnish or oxidized paint!
The formula, based on complex polymers will form a true shield on your body by protecting it from all damage from outside: UV, acid rain, salt, etc.
As a perfectionist, it's a pleasure to get your vehicle in a simple manner "X-tra shiny!"

  • Before doing a test on an inconspicuous area to see the result.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Product to use on all paint finishes.
  • Exception: Do not use on matte paint on porous or non-painted plastic and (kit) joints.
  • Do not apply in full sun or in a warm body.
  • Using the product preferably having the X-tra micro fiber.
  • Operation Cleaner / Polish / Sealant - Removed micro scratches.


A little product application and rub with circular movements until the product is completely gone. Immediately wipe and verify the absence of micro-scratches. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
Operation Cleaner / Polish / Sealant - Gloss and protection.
Apply a little product and gently spreading over the surface.
Allow to dry for a few seconds until a white layer and polishing with a rotary movement in order to obtain an optimum gloss and protection.

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