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Cleantech Co. - CarnauWax QD Spray 500ml

Brand: CleanTech Co.
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CarnauWax is a quick detailer with added carnauba wax, which is very easy to use and can even be used on warm surfaces and in direct sunlight. It is the ideal solution for a fast and durable deep gloss and protection of paintwork.

The hydrophobic and antistatic properties of the wax ensure that water and dirt can be removed easily and quickly from the treated surface and the car will therefore remain clean for longer.

Can be used perfectly as a stand alone wax or as a boost for the current protective layer.

The delicious chewing gum scent makes applying this wax a fun activity.




  1. Shake the product well before use
  2. Spray the CarnauWax on a clean panel
  3. Rub dry with a quality and dry microfiber cloth

Up to 1 month, but this depends on various factors, such as surface preparation, weather conditions, cleaning method, etc.

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