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Innotec - Ceramic Grease 200ml

Brand: Innotec
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Ceramic Grease is a durable and high-quality ceramic grease. It has been specially developed for applications where high pressure and temperature resistance is required. Due to the unique composition, the product does not flow even under severe conditions. Because this prevents galling and annoying noises (anti-seize effect), it is ideal for brake pads, exhaust systems, wheel nuts and machine parts. Because Ceramic Grease, unlike traditional copper grease, contains no metal, it is non-conductive and therefore perfectly suitable for ABS braking systems.

Ceramic Grease is free of silicone and metal, which means the product complies with environmental guidelines regarding the use of heavy metals. The ceramic particles give the product a superior pressure and temperature resistance. Above the decomposition temperature of the grease and mineral oils, the ceramic particles remain intact. They take over the lubrication, preventing jamming or other damage.

Ceramic Grease is also extremely suitable for greasing nuts and bolts during assembly. Even at high temperatures it does not become brittle and due to the very good resistance to water and acids it has a rust-resistant character, which guarantees good protection against the effects of dirt and moisture. When using Ceramic Grease, bolts and nuts are much easier to loosen. Because the product is metal-free, it also acts as an insulator between different metals, avoiding contact corrosion. This occurs, among other things, when mounting the rims. Ceramic Grease is available in two packaging forms: as an aerosol and as a two-chamber pressure canister.

The packaging in a two-chamber pressure canister is less harmful to the environment and guarantees a long shelf life. The special valve prevents clogging of the nozzle and does not break. It also makes it possible to operate the bus with one hand. By mounting the supplied brush (Brush - AS 1500 / Ceramic Grease) on the nozzle, the product can be dosed perfectly and, for example, bolts and nuts are very easy to grease.

The aerosol packaging is very user-friendly and easy to apply. The product is initially liquid when applied, so that it can penetrate deeply between the parts. When the propellant has disappeared, a nice solid and pressure-resistant grease remains. The extra nozzle with straw supplied makes it very easy to treat hard-to-reach places.

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