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ValetPro - Citrus Pre Wash 1L

Brand: ValetPro
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ValetPro Citrus Pre Wash is a mild alkaline product and can be used before the car is cleaned with shampoo. Citrus Pre Wash removes heavy pollution such as insects and road pollution to prepare the car for the washing process. The most common method is to apply it with a spray bottle or pump liquid spray on the lower parts of the car and under the wheel arches where the most contamination has accumulated. Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash has been developed to clean optimally with the least possible degradation of the existing wax, sealant or coating. The citrus oils penetrate deep into the pollution, giving this an exceptionally effective cleaning.



  • Dilute 1: 8
  • Spray the product on the contaminated parts of the car
  • Let the product drain but do not dry!
  • Spray the parts from bottom to top with an HD cleaner

Suitable for:


  • Exterior
  • Interior and also for carpet.
  • Safe due to pH value of 9.5.
  • Fresh citrus scent!
  • Removed insects
  • No wax removed!
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