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Victoria Wax

Victoria Wax - Concours Red Wax 85 gram

Brand: Victoria Wax
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Victoria Wax Concours Red Wax is Victoria Wax's signature blend of high-end wax.

This wax is untouchable on dark colors in terms of gloss and depth, really breathtaking ...

The handmade Concours Red Wax has one of the highest percentages of real Carnauba wax used in the industry and is absolutely beautiful on black, deep red and all other darker colors.

Victoria Wax Concours Red Wax is an exotic blend of large amounts of pure Carnauba and other waxes with a small amount of natural oils and contains one of the lowest percentages of VOC solvents.

The development and testing of the Concours Red Wax took more than 2 years.

During the test phase, the Concours Red Wax was tested by several prestigious car clubs on the West Coast in America.
Because of the positive word of mouth this is now the best selling product of Victoria Wax

Provide a good preparation and apply this wax 3-4 times a year for the ultimate shine all year round.

Very easy to apply with an applicator or with the bare hand, 1-2 minutes of cure time.


The thinner the layer the better, make sure that the surface is not too cold and not too hot.

Apply the wax in small parts and never allow the wax to dry completely before polishing.


These exclusive waxes are delivered to order, 4 to 14 working days!

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