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CarPro - CQuartz Lite 150ml

Brand: CarPro
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CQUARTZ Lite is the newest coating from CarPro and the most user-friendly coating worldwide.
CQUARTZ Lite is based on the high-quality CQUARTZ UK ceramic technology. Lite contains a combination of up to 45% SIO2 and TIO2 for great protection and durability.

This coating has been specially developed for anyone who would like to experience the benefits of CQUARTZ coatings, but for whom a traditional coating is a bridge too far. With this, CQUARTZ Lite closes the gap between the current coating and a sealant.
CQUARTZ Lite does not need time to cure and can therefore be taken immediately. This coating therefore offers all the advantages of the existing coatings, but an incredible convenience that you will not find anywhere else.



Wash and dry the car thoroughly
Ensure good preparation by removing rust from the surface with Iron X and tar with TarX.
If desired, polish the paint for an even better shine.
Degrease the paint with CarPro Eraser.
Apply approximately 10-12 drops of CQUARTZ Lite to the supplied microfiber applicator and apply the product evenly to the varnish per panel.
Wipe the residue immediately with a good microfiber cloth. The product does not need time to dress up so can be taken immediately!
After 60 minutes the treated surface can possibly be treated with CarPro Reload for extra protection.
Fully cured after 48 hours without rain.


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