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Soft99 - Fukupika Spray Strong Type 400ml

Brand: Soft99
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Fukupika Detail Spray simply spray and wipe, while cleaning your car will take you Fukupika Detail Spray also puts a layer of wax on. Drying of the car is not necessary, Fukupika Detail Spray can be applied to a wet body. The Fukupika Detail Spray formula consists of a mixed fluorwas which increases the durability and wax is water and dirt shedding up to 3 months. By improved gloss ingredient late Fukupika Detail Spray a deep gloss on the paint of the car. In Fukupika Detail Spray are no alcohol or petroleum solvents, Fukupika Detail Spray is safe and environmentally friendly.


Content: 400ml




  1. Wash the dirt from the car with shampoo to prevent scratches if the car is very dirty.
  2. Shake the bottle well, turn the nozzle and spray it on the car or on a mirco fiber cloth.
  3. Gently wipe with a soft, clean microfiber cloth before Fukupika Detail Spray drying up.

Fukupika Detail Spray comes in a handy spray bottle "READY TO USE"

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