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Victoria Wax

Victoria Wax - Hybrid Wax 85gram

Brand: Victoria Wax
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Victoria Wax Hybrid Wax is a hybrid wax that delivers super performance in the winter.

The development of Hybrid Wax lasted about a year and the final product is the most expensive Victoria Wax to date, with the longest life and a beautiful shine.

The Hybrid Wax is handmade wax, made with the number 1 Carnauba and 21 other natural and 21 ingredients.

The Hybrid Wax is a highly concentrated wax with the philosophy "a little long lasting".

Victoria Wax Hybrid Wax is a harder wax than the Concours Red Wax and Collectors Yellow Wax, making thin application even faster.

Provide a good preparation and apply this wax at least 2 times a year for an ultimate shine all year round.

Very easy to apply with an applicator, 1-2 min cure time




  • The thinner the layer the better, make sure that the surface is not too cold and not too hot.
  • Do not allow the wax to dry completely before polishing

These exclusive waxes are delivered to order, 4 to 14 working days!

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