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Muc-Off - No. 2-3-4

Brand: Muc-Off
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3x 500ml



The results are obvious when you wash your vehicle with this shampoo.
You can immediately recognize this shampoo through the fresh pink color.
PH neutral ensures the ideal balance between cleaning your car and also protecting your paint and / or protection on your paint (wax, coating, sealant, etc.)


In addition, this shampoo is characterized by leaving a protective film layer that will give protection for a few days on your paint!
The advantage of this, the water "breaks" during rinsing, so the chance of dried-up water spots is minimal.
Of course, this shampoo also leaves a brilliant shine.



Do you miss that huge gloss and wet look on your paint?

When you do not have the time to put a car in the wax, let it exhale and polish, but you want the same result?
The speed wax from Muc-Off is easy to spray on the paint and does not need time, but can be rubbed off immediately.
Of course with an amazing result!

In no time, the Speed ​​Wax leaves a stunning result in gloss, gives a nice "beading" or drop formation on the paint and also leaves protection for the paint.

The speed wax has several applications:


Use the Speed ​​Wax after brushing the vehicle with a "normal wax" for extra protection and deeper shine.
Use the Speed ​​Wax after washing on a wet car, the car will dry so much faster!
Use the Speed ​​Wax for shows, meetings or at home in the garage. It easily removes dust and static dirt


Muc-Off glass cleaner is specially formulated to make glass sparkle and leave no streaks, Muc-Off Glass Cleaner is very effective and quickly removes grease and grime.


The advanced biodegradable formula contains no harmful ammonia or solvents, making it safe to use on all types of glass.


Leaves a beading / coating effect and quickly prevents fogged windows.

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