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Gyeon - Q²M Bathe 1000ml

Brand: Gyeon
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Q2M BATHE is part of the wide range of maintenance products from GYEON. This shampoo is pH neutral and therefore suitable for all surfaces. Thanks to the cleaning properties, it is the first choice if you are to prepare a vehicle for a detailed inspection.

Q2M BATHE has a concentrated formula which makes it very economical to use. You can use it regularly and the result is a smooth and clean surface.

Gyeon Q2M Bathe contains no added oils, polymers or waxes to improve the shine, but is a pure, cleansing shampoo. Ideal for maintaining the quartz coating on your paint, because it is ultra smooth and leaves no unwanted residue.

It contains mild, cleaning ingredients and a water-soluble lubricant, making it feel very smooth to use. This shampoo is of course also suitable for any other type of paint protection (with wax or sealant). Gyeon Q2M Bathe is user-friendly, highly concentrated and also friendly to your wallet.


  1. Fill your bucket half full with lukewarm / warm water
  2. Add 25ml (3 caps)
  3. Fill your bucket full for a nice foaming effect
  4. Start the washing process
  5. Wash per panel, first the upper parts and the lower parts only the last.
  6. Do not allow the product to dry!
  7. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residues


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