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Gyeon - Q²M Glass 500ml

Brand: Gyeon
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The Q²M Glass is safe, effective and leaves a matte finish. Removes dirt, oil stains, light contamination and other applied products such as insect removers. A fine aroma scent is released as soon as the product is applied to the windows. The Q²M Glass is safe to use on a previously applied coating such as Gyeon Q² View or IGL Window. This is not affected by Q²M Glass!


Q²M Glass is the ultimate product for cleaning all car windows quickly, effortlessly and effectively. Removes grease, dirt and immediately leaves a streak-free result. The Q²M Glass is easy to use and safe for all interior parts such as leather, vinyl and alcantara if there is spray on the Q²M Glass on these surfaces.


How to use:


  1. Spray on a waffle or glass microfiber cloth and clean the surface.
  2. Wipe shortly with an extra dry cloth.
  3. Do not use in full sunlight and do not spray on hot or hot glass.
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