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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax - Rapid Detailer V4 Blue 5L

Brand: Infinity Wax
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Rapid Detailer has been designed with ease of use, extreme gloss and surface slip in mind.

Using our latest 3 stage silicone technology RDS  combines ease of use which has become standard for this product with extremely effective results.

Each of the 3 polymers within RDS compliment the function of the other and can be broken down into 3 primary purposes:

  1. Gloss enhancing polymer
  2. Surface tension polymer
  3. Hydrophobic polymer


Performance Expectations:


Rapid Detailer provides a fast easy to use gloss enhancement and protection to any finished painted surface. While it is also suitable for matte and wrapped vehicles we would recommend our Glass Canopy Polymer Sealant for these application for best results on these surfaces.

Rapid Detailer is also safe and highly effective on glass, providing a fast streak free finish and adding a respectable layer of protection. Over application on windshield may cause minor streaking/ hazing.

Rapid Detailer is a well-balanced product providing both visual enhancement and protection. While not classed as a powerful sealant or LSP Rapid Detailer can be used as a stand-alone protection and is expected to last for around 8 weeks. Results will vary slightly depending on vehicle preparation and environmental conditions.

How To Use:

Lightly mist Rapid Detailer onto the vehicle 1 panel at a time. There is no cure time for this product, remove using a high quality soft microfiber towel before the product dries in.

Spray onto a freshly washed and still wet vehicle to use as a highly effective drying aid.

Rapid Detailer is also a perfect clay lubricant, window cleaner and sealant. Because it evaporates away and requires no buffing Rapid Detailer works very well as a glass sealant/ cleaner which never streaks however care should be taken not to apply to your windscreen.


Safety information:


For use on finished automotive paintwork only. Avoid contact with vehicle windscreen.

Do not use on vehicle interior. Apply Rapid Detailer in a well ventilated area.

Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops when using Rapid Detailer stop immediately and wash the effected area with plenty cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. Rapid Detailer may cause irritation to eyes and air ways. Always stand up wind of any spray. If Rapid Detailer encounters eyes rinse thoroughly with eye wash. Keep out of reach of children! If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.

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