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Innotec - Seal and Bondremover 500ml

Brand: Innotec
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Seal and Bond Remover is a technical cleaning agent for the quick and efficient removal of many types of adhesive. The product softens most adhesives and sealants for easier removal.

Seal and Bond Remover is suitable for all types of metal and most plastics. In addition, it is also safe to use on almost all modern paint types. This makes it extremely suitable for removing stickers, emblems, bumpers and any glue residue left behind. Sealant and adhesive residues that remain after dismantling, for example, communication equipment, glasses holders, etc. can also be removed perfectly without damaging the surface.

Before applying new stickers, texts or emblems, the surface can be made perfectly free of grease and silicone with Seal and Bond Remover. Due to its good dissolving power, Seal and Bond Remover is also the solution for removing tar splashes and for removing chewing gum residues in the upholstery, for example.

Seal and Bond Remover evaporates quickly without leaving any residue.

The aerosol packaging makes Seal and Bond Remover very user-friendly and easy to apply. Due to the special unbreakable nozzle with straw, even hard-to-reach places can be treated very well. For example, emblems and side moldings can be removed very effectively by spraying the Seal and Bond Remover exactly behind the part while it is slowly pulled off.

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