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Nuke Guys

Nuke Guys - Thicky Sticky Bundle Snow Foam

Brand: Nuke Guys
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Application and surface: prewash, whole vehicle exterior


Nuke Guys - Thicky Sticky Snow Foam:


  • 1000 ml of concentrate
  • pH neutral foam cleaner for prewash
  • Pollutants such as beetles, insects and road dirt are loosened and softened without contact
  • Extremely thick foam
  • Active foam: mix 1: 1 with Thick Foam
  • Made in Germany

Nuke Guys - Foamer:


  • Foam sprayer with a capacity of 2L
  • Converts the cleaning agent into effective cleaning foam
  • Provides the ideal amount of foam
  • Scale on the back of the bottle for an ideal dosage
  • Interchangeable foam nozzles
  • Incl. Silicone oil for maintenance and care of the seals



  1. Dilute 1: 3 - 1: 5 with clear, lukewarm water
  2. Spray all over the vehicle with Nuke Guys Foamer
  3. Rinse with a pressure washer and / or plenty of water



  1. Before starting work, the function of the safety valve must be checked.
  2. Minimal water residues can remain in the bottle as each foamer is tested individually for its function.
  3. The nozzles are only partially resistant to chemicals and therefore not suitable for strong (acidic) wheel cleaners and the like!
  4. The pressurized container must be protected against impact and impact! The maximum temperature of the content / liquid must not exceed 40 ° C!
  5. Under no circumstances should the foamer be stored or kept under pressure. It is imperative that the pressure is reduced after use and that the contents / liquid are properly disposed of. In addition, emptying the fluid extends the life of the seals. After emptying the foam, rinse all pipes with water
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