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Nuke Guys

Nuke Guys - Thicky Sticky Snow Foam Ph-Neutral 1L

Brand: Nuke Guys
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Now a relaxing bubble bath!
Your sweetie loves to be pampered by you. You lather them from top to bottom until the thickly moistened foam covers everything. Absolutely gentle, absolutely gentle. - this is THICKY STICKY FOAM.


  • 1000ml concentrate
  • pH-neutral foam cleaner for pre-wash
  • Soiling such as beetles, insects and road dirt are loosened and softened without contact
  • Extremely thick foam
  • Does not attack seals
  • Active foam: Mix 1: 1 with Nuke Guys Pink Cherry / Thick Shampoo / Liquid Wonder all-purpose cleaner
  • Made in Germany




  1. Dilute 1: 3 - 1: 5
  2. Apply using a pump sprayer or a foam lance
  3. Rinse with a high pressure cleaner


Important instructions:


  • Do not use on hot surfaces
  • Protect product from frost
  • Do not let the product dry out
  • Protect product from direct sunlight
  • Check suitability and compatibility before use
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