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Meguiar's - Ultimate Snow Foam 946ml

Brand: Meguiar’s
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Specially developed for coated, waxed or sealed surfaces. Ultimate Snow Foam cleans without affecting the existing protective layer. The active foam sticks to the paint, gently soaks off the dirt, so that lightly polluted cars are completely cleaned with a high-pressure spray. With heavily soiled cars it is the ideal prewash but also the perfect lubrication for a safe wash with a Wash Mitt.


  1. Gently mix 1 part Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam with 5 parts water in a foam gun bottle.
  2. Rinse the car completely beforehand to remove loose dirt.
  3. Start at the bottom and cover the entire vehicle with Ultimate Snow Foam and let it soak until the snow foam begins to break down.
  4. For lightly contaminated vehicles, spray the snow foam with a high pressure sprayer. Heavily polluted cars should be washed with a Wash Mitt, followed by spraying with a strong jet of water.
  5. Dry the vehicle with a high-quality drying cloth to prevent limescale stains and apply your favorite spray wax for maximum protection.


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