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Grit Guard

Grit Guard - Universal Pad Washers

Brand: Grit Guard
Availability: Out of stock

This black pad washer is now available again from stock!


Grit Guard Universal Pad Washers, with this pad washer all your pads are clean and dry!


Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the first and only pad washer that cleans and dries all types of polishing pads on any polisher in seconds.

Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer cleans foam and wool pads, pads etc.

The Universal Pad Washer works with virtually every machine even with DA machines!

20L original Grit Guard bucket, original Grit Guard Splash-Guard protection so without being splashed under!

Suitable with Rupes, Flex, Polishing Power (dap 500/900) machines etc ...


Use an APC or pad cleaner as a cleaning in the water!

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