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AutoGlanz - Wash Pack

Brand: AutoGlanz
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This AutoGlanz Was Kit contains everything to wash your car in a good, but especially safe way.

This set contains the following:


1x Autoglanz Spritzer Pré Wash 500 ml
1x Autoglanz Piste PH Neutral 500 ml
1x Autoglanz Bug Off 500 ml
1x Autoglanz Bubblicious shampoo 500ml

Bug off

The Autoglanz Bug Off is a citrus-based insect remover which is safe to use on wax layers. This insect remover has been specially developed as "ready to use" and has been formulated with thickening agents to adhere to the insect remains in order to be able to do its work optimally in this way.


The slightly alkaline formulation means that the Sprizer Citrus Pre Cleaner does not break down wax or protective layers and can be used on all types of surfaces without having to worry about sensitive surfaces. The added foaming properties ensure that all contamination on the vehicle is safely removed. This ensures that you reduce the risk of damage during normal washing. Spritzer can be diluted to 1: 250 with water and can be used with a foam lance or a kwazar handfoamer.

Piste Snow Foam

At Autoglanz they are convinced that a wash with a firm foam, such as the Autoglanz Piste, is the key to a showroom result. For this reason the Autoglanz Snowfoam Piste has been developed. Autoglanz Piste is an advanced pH-neutral Snow Foam. Specially developed for maximum cleaning while maintaining pH-neutral properties.


The Autoglans Bubblicios is everything you expect from a car shampoo. It foams, is nice and smooth and the LSP shampoo is safe (last layer protection). This means that existing layers of wax or sealant are not affected when using this shampoo. An extra layer of wax is applied!

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