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VooDoo Ride

VooDoo Ride - Wash & Wax With Head Geointergreede Foamer

Brand: VooDoo Ride
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Voodoo Ride Ultra Gloss Shampoo Wash & Wax:

With integrated foam spray.

Declare war on the dirt with this ultra concentrated overhead!
The diabolical formula based on carnauba wax and cleaning surface-active agents will remove the dirt and the oily layer of your body with an "X-tra gloss" finish.
It looks a little weird? Wait until you've used it! Mains water, diluted automatic shampoo. You just have to spray the car, the sponge over it and you can rinse the vehicle. Too easy!
Warning: may cause jealousy and envy overdose shine!

Is connected directly to the hose: no bucket anymore!
Accounts for an average of 10 washes!
Cherry perfume.
Well check the button (red) is closed for water (vertically).
Well check the button for the product dilution (black) is closed (vertical).
Connect the water hose on the Voodoo Ride Wash & Wax.
The product squirt over the entire vehicle and rubbing with the aid of the X-tra Voodoo Ride glove.
Rinse with water.
Dry the car to avoid lime tracks.


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