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Magicone - 124 Fast Green Super Cut Compound 250gr

Marque: Magicone
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124 Fast Green - Super Cut Compound


MagicOne's polishing series uses the latest technology in synthetic nano-abrasives. These ensure that you can quickly and easily remove paint imperfections from any type of paint.

The 124 Fast Green can be used to remove P1500-2000 sanding scratches.

Due to the unique binding of the raw materials, the nanoparticles break down completely without dusting.

Does not contain additives such as silicone, fillers or wax parts that can temporarily affect the result.
Coarse correction without dust formation.
Can be processed manually or with an eccentric or rotating machine.
Applicable and effective on older paints as well as the latest ceramic paint variants.

Comes in a 250g bottle.

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