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Magicone - 355 Flash Gloss UF 250g

Marque: Magicone
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355 Flash Gloss


The 355 Flash Gloss ultra-fine polishing agent has been developed to quickly and easily put an extra thick point on the i after polishing.

More shine, more reflection and protection in one step.

The 355 Flash Gloss is made up of carnauba wax and natural oils.

The special addition gives extra shine and depth to the paint.

After this, the paint is also protected for a longer period.

This product does not contain chalk, so it does not turn white on plastics or rubbers.


Comes in a 250g bottle.


Fine carnauba parts and oils provide perfect shine and protection in one step.
Can be processed manually or with an eccentric or rotating machine.
Applicable and effective on older paints as well as the new ceramic variants.

is best processed with the Royal Soft Pad or Royal Finish Pad.

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