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3D Car Care

3D Car Care - Pro Starters Pack

Marque: 3D Car Care
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Do not hesitate anymore the starter package of 3D Car Care!




  • 2x ACA Cut 500 2oz.
  • 2x ACA Finish 520 2oz.
  • 1x Poxy 2oz.
  • 2x ACC Coarse Cutting Pad 5.5 inch
  • 2x ACC Medium Pad 5.5 inch
  • 2x ACC Finishing Pad 5.5 inch
  • 2x ACC Finish Polish & Wax Pad 5.5 inch

3D ACA ™ 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND (step 1) is a revolutionary correction compound. Use with a wool pad or cutting pad for optimal correction (up to P1000). Can be used with rotary machine or dual action. Works on fresh and cured paint, without risk of dye-back. It features the latest generation of alpha ceramic alumina for incredible results in the shortest possible time! The product should be finished with the Finishing polish ACA 520 (step 2) for a perfect result


ACA 520 3D Finishing Polish (step 2) is the fastest ANTI-HOLOGRAM with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA. This revolutionary water-based finishing polish is designed for high-speed and low-temperature polishing, eliminating holograms and light scratches. ACA 520 FINISHING POLISH is also extremely versatile and contains no harmful solvents, kerosene or OSHA-regulated CRYSTALLINE SILICA. ACA 520 quickly corrects any painted surface and leaves a glassy finish without holograms.


3D Poxy is a long-lasting sealant wax. The properties of montan wax will shine and protect for a long time. It is a hybrid sealant / wax designed to bind to the painted surface for protection and a long lasting lasting shine. Works exceptionally well on all colors, including dark ones. Unlike any available wax, 3D Poxy gives you a deep, glossy finish and protects against Mother Nature's natural effects like bird droppings, acid rain, hard water deposits and many other adverse paint challenges. 3D POXY is made from mineralized fossilized montan wax and is the highest heat resistant wax on the market. Carnauba Wax melts at 86 ° C - 187 ° F, while the melting point of Montan Wax is 95 ° C - 203 ° F.

  • Poxy gives protection for 5-6 months!


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