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Waxedshine - Aquabead 473ml

Marque: Waxedshine
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Waxedshine introduces Aquabead, a touchless sealant technology that enables you to spray, rinse and protect exterior surfaces such as glass, metal, plastics and paintwork. Formulated using fluorocarbon polymers and Sio2, Aquabead reacts immediately with water creating a protective layer. Sprayed water pressure accelerates the bonding process creating a locked in hydrophobic surface that lasts up to 3 months and creates UV resistance, heat resistance, oxidation and static resistance.


Dilution ratio for Aquabead concentrate refill:


STRONG = 3.1 (makes 2L mixed or 4 x 16oz bottles)
REGULAR USE = 7:1 (makes 4L mixed or 8 x 16oz bottles)

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