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Waxedshine - Aquaboost Sio2 473ml

Marque: Waxedshine
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Waxedshine introduces Aquaboost. Formulated using fluorocarbon polymers and Sio2 technology, Aquaboost bonds on a molecular level with ceramic coatings as well as paintwork, glass, plastics, wheels and metal surfaces. Aquaboost was created to maintain and boost the Waxedshine ceramic coatings, refreshing the hydrophobic properties. Aquaboost can also be used on a non-coated vehicle and is safe on all exterior surfaces.


STRONG = 7.1 (makes 4L mixed or 8 x 16oz bottles)
REGULAR USE = 10:1 (makes 5.5L mixed or 11 x 16oz bottles)


  • Sio2 blended sealant
  • Ceramic coating booster
  • Safe on glass, paint, rims, metal and plastics
  • UV Protection, high gloss, hydrophobic effects, oxidation and static resistant
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