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Great Lion - Bleeding Wheel Cleaner 25L

Marque: Great-Lion
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25L size is delivered by the Great Lion, delivery time is 1-2 weeks!


Bleeding Wheel Cleaner has been specially developed for the very easy cleaning of all rims. Because this product is very high quality, it not only has a stronger cleaning capacity, but it is also less harmful to people / the environment and your vehicle. This product is the solution for easily removing dirt without damaging the rim. This way you can effortlessly remove oil, dirt, burned-in brake dust and rubber residues. The wheel cleaner is acid-free and therefore also very suitable for chrome-plated or polished wheels.

This product is also available in 500 ml and 1 liter bottle. This is equipped with a semi-professional sprayer. The bottle can also be used as a filling container so that you can now use a jerry can.


Nice to know:


Because this product is PH neutral, it can also be used on your paint. This allows you to remove 95% of the dirt with just a high-pressure sprayer before washing. This has the advantage that washing with the sponge is less likely to scratch. You can do this by using the product pure or by diluting it to 50% cleaner and 50% water.

Our cleaner is equipped with a microsealant. This gives your rim more shine and will be easier to clean next time. Because of this microsealant, dirt is less likely to bind to the surface of your rim.


  • Professional quality
  • Cleans your rims thoroughly
  • Fast operation
  • Effortlessly remove all the dirt
  • Acid free
  • For use on chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, powder-coated, painted and polished rims


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