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Klin Korea

Klin Korea - Drying Duo Mini 36x22cm

Marque: Klin Korea
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Klin Korea Drying Duo Mini Dish Towel 36x22cm

A double layered, edgeless luxury dish towel that makes light work of drying your vehicle.

The twisted microfibers ensure that a lot of water is absorbed without streaking or smearing.

It is advisable to wash the towel before use with a dedicated microfiber laundry product. Make sure you do not use fabric softener.


This cloth is also perfect after drying to be used to remove clay lube!


  • Size: 36x22cm
  • Color: Navy
  • Wash by hand or in the washing machine.
  • 30-60 ℃
  • Without fabric softener!
  • Autobrite Microfiber Wash is a safe microfibre detergent!
    Note: that the first 2x color can be given in the wash!
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