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Purestar - Drying Towel Blue Small

Marque: Purestar
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The Purestar Duplex Drying Duo towel small is made from identical microfibre as its big brothers, the large and medium-sized gray Duplex drying towels.

This small (20 x 23 cm) towel is designed to be very easy to handle, making it the absolutely perfect towel for catching the last drop along doorways and wheels.

This cloth is super if the large cloth is already in the process of drying the latter.

Produced in South Korea using the latest micro fiber technology, this is a twist pile microfibre cloth made with a special non-sewing edgeless design, which means that unlike many other microfiber drying towels prevents scratching / damaging the paintwork.

This folded dry towel absorbs the double volume of that of a normal twistpile drying towel and many times that of similar dry towels, and with a thickness of 2 cm + this is one of the best drying towels available on the market.


  • Size: 40 cm x 23 cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm +
  • Material: 100% Korean microfiber
  • Color: clear blue
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