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Innotec - Foam Glass Clean Plus 500ml

Marque: Innotec
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Foam Glass Clean Plus is a specially developed cleaner for smooth surfaces that is NSF registered (category C1). The product removes streak-free grease, dust, dirt, insects, nicotine deposits, etc. from all types of glass, perspex and transparent plastics. Foam Glass Clean Plus does not drip from vertical surfaces, ensuring optimum performance. As a result, it also does not reach places where it is not wanted. This prevents, among other things, damage to the rust-resistant coating in car doors.

Thanks to the balanced composition of high-quality raw materials, Foam Glass Clean Plus will not affect dashboards and other plastic parts, including almost all cured painted surfaces. The product guarantees an excellent end result without leaving any stains or veil.

Foam Glass Clean Plus is also NSF registered, which means that it can be used safely in environments where food is handled and/or in food processing companies.

Thanks to the handy aerosol packaging, Foam Glass Clean Plus is very economical to use.


  • Cleans streak-free and effectively without leaving any residue.
  • Contains no abrasives, so also safe for sensitive surfaces.
  • Does not affect cured paints or plastics.
  • Leaves a pleasant and fresh scent.
  • Stable foaming (so a longer concentrated action time on the pollution) and easy to polish.
  • NSF registered in the category C1, registration number 149098.




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