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Great Lion - Foam Lance

Marque: Great-Lion
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The Great-lion foam lance is made for intensive use. I.c.m. our Blizzard Active + safely removes stubborn dirt. It is that simple, foaming the vehicle, soaking it and rinsing for a car wash clean result. The vehicle is then ready for a thorough wash if you wish. The lance has an adjustable nozzle for adjusting the jet width. The mixing ratio is easy to adjust with the adjusting knob on the top.




  1. We recommend mixing 25% Snow Foam with 75% water in the bottle
  2. Screw the Mix bottle back under the foam lance
  3. Attach the foam lance by using. the correct coupling to the high pressure sprayer. There are coupling pieces available for ao .: Karcher, Kranzle, Nilfisk, etc ..
  4. Spray the entire car with a thick layer of Snow Foam and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing
  5. Rinse your car completely using the high-pressure sprayer


Product features:


  • Adjustable spray button
  • Adjustable knob on top to easily adjust the mixing ratio
  • Different connections and couplings possible
  • Semi-transparent bottle
  • Graduation in millimeters

Note: If you order this product, you also need a coupling for your high-pressure cleaner. Do not forget this when ordering.

We have connectors for: Karcher K, Nilfisk / Kew, Kranzle, Karcher professional, Bosch and Lavor.

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