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Nuke Guys

Nuke Guys - Foamer 2L

Marque: Nuke Guys
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The Nuke Guys Foamer HD Alka Line is ideal for using cleaning foam on your vehicle. The foam sprayer transforms the cleaning agent into effective cleaning foam that can be individually sprayed onto the surfaces to be treated. The foam acts on the surface and effectively removes road grime and other contaminants from car paintwork and other surfaces.
With the 3 different foam nozzles, which can be easily exchanged, you can determine how strong the foam should be.




  • Foam sprayer with 2L capacity
  • Ensures the ideal amount of foam
  • Scale on the back of the bottle for ideal dosage
  • Interchangeable foam nozzles
  • including silicone oil for maintenance and care of the seals
  • Foamer Nuke Guys HD ALKA LINE 2L
  • Silicone oil (PHZ: HK / B71621 / 01/2010)
  • Black foam nozzle, a lot of foam
  • White foam nozzle, little foam
  • Blue foam nozzle, medium foam
  • Operating instructions with warranty card



How to use:


  1. Unscrew the spray head and fill the prepared contents into the tank according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Pump by moving the piston rod until the safety valve reacts.
  3. Point the atomizer nozzle at the desired spray location and press the valve lever on the spray button.
  4. By changing the foam nozzles, different types of foam can be achieved.
  5. Foam nozzles may only be replaced after the pressure has been released from the tank.




  • Before starting work, the function of the safety valve must be checked.
  • There may be minimal water residues in the bottle, as each foamer is individually tested for its function.
  • The spray heads are only partially resistant to chemicals and therefore not suitable for strong (acidic) wheel cleaners and the like!
  • The pressurized container must be protected from knocks and blows! The maximum temperature of the contents / the liquid must not exceed 40 ° C!
  • Under no circumstances should the foamer be kept or stored under pressure. It is imperative that the pressure is reduced after use and that the contents / liquid are properly disposed of. In addition, emptying the liquid increases the service life of the seals. After emptying the foam, please rinse all lines with water.
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