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Angelwax - Heaven for Leather 500ml

Marque: Angelwax
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ANGELWAX Heaven for Leather is a cleaning spray that is completely pH neutral with a gentle and effective cleaning for all types of leather.


  • Keeps leather supple and soft
  • Leather cleaner for every type of leather (including skai)
  • Leaves the scent of new leather

The ANGELWAX Heaven for Leather is a super leather cleaning spray that leaves the scent of new leather. This not only cleans the leather thoroughly, but immediately leaves a new leather scent behind.




The ANGELWAX Heaven for Leather works quickly and easily. By means of the supplied sprayer, you can easily spray the leather cleaner on the surface to be treated. Rub the leather cleaner with a dry, clean microfibre cloth and let it dry. The cleaning evaporates itself and leaves a fresh scent. To protect the leather from contamination afterwards, you can use Angelwax Hide Rate conditioner. This is a special conditioner to protect the cleaned part against dirt and makes it water-repellent.

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