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Kamikaze Collection

Kamikaze Collection - Ichiban Finishing 300ml

Marque: Kamikaze Collection
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Designed for use with the unique Kamikaze Collection polishing system Dot Point Polishing (DPP) . This surface correction system allows you to create an effective polishing process using an extremely low amount of product, ie 2-4 pea-sized drops per one section pass. At the same time, ensuring a low working surface temperature and high efficiency of correction work. The low amount of polishing compound also makes it possible to reduce the accumulation of dust and lacquer residues, which prevents new defects and high polishing pads.




  • Finishing paste with fine ceramic abrasives
  • Creates a high level of brilliance
  • Non-refillable, concealed, or solvent-free surface ready for protective coating, wax and preservative
  • Ideal for refinishing the soft lacquer surface
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