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GL - Infinite All Purpose Cleaner

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Which detailer or cleaning company does not have it in its range: an all-purpose cleaner or better known as APC (all purpose cleaner). A slightly alkaline cleaning agent that does not affect the surfaces.

This product does not derive its strength from heavy chemistry as many APCs do, but from technology. Infinite is made on a water basis! The formula is made in such a way that the ingredients of this APC ensure that they crawl under the pollution and loosen the connection of dirt, grease and scale.

The name ALL purpose has not been wrongly chosen. Infinite can be used on glass, plastic, rubber paint, rims and is of course also extremely suitable for use in a carpet cleaner or extraction machine for cleaning upholstery.



Spray the product on and then let it take effect. Then wipe with a cloth or sponge and rinse with water. The product is so gentle that it can be used undiluted at all times. Note: The product can be diluted to 1:10 with water to remove mild contamination and thus save product.

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