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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax - Inside & Out Plastic Shine 500ml

Marque: Turtle Wax
Disponibilité: En stock

Turtle Wax Inside & Plastic Shine is a fast and easy product that cleanses, shines and protects all interior and exterior plastic, tires. The formula contains UVA & UVB inhibitors to create a barrier that protects against the sun's rays, this prevents pale and cracking of both plastic and rubber surfaces. A fast -drying formula with which the gloss depth can be increased by applying extra layers. In contrast to many multi -surface protectors, the finish is not greasy and stripe loos, which means that applying is super simple and easy.


  • Cleans, shines and protects all plastic interior and exterior
  • Fast -drying formula with which the gloss depth is increased
  • Prevents fading and cracking both plastic and rubber surfaces
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