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Waxedshine - Iron Off 473ml

Marque: Waxedshine
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Iron Off remover is an acid-free pH balanced iron remover to help decontaminate car paintwork and wheels. It helps prevent damage that is related to Iron on a cars paintwork. The advanced formula when sprayed onto the paintwork opens the paint pores just enough to release the particles and then neutralizes any caustic remains. Always make sure to use Iron Off on a cold vehicle out of sunlight and do not allow to dry on the surface. Iron Off is not made to be used with chrome, bare metal parts, brake calipers or freshly applied paint. The results achieved with Iron Off are really spectacular and is a recommended process to anyone who wants to keep their car in its best condition.

Product Benefits:


  • Works on all clear coated wheels and removed brake dust to protect the wheels from corroding.
  • Turns purple when it starts reacting and removing the iron particles
  • Simple application, spray on, wait up to 5 minutes, wipe to provide gentle agitation and then rinse.
  • Pre-mixed formula that can be used with a trigger direct from the bottle or poured into a smaller trigger spray.


Iron Off is used by many detailer’s and home enthusiasts that want to go that extra step and protect their investment or customers investment.

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