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Nuke Guys

Nuke Guys - Microfiber Quick'n Gloss 40X40cm 3x

Marque: Nuke Guys
Disponibilité: En stock

A quickie on the fly? With the Quick'n Gloss microfiber cloths you glide gently over the curves of your car to let it shine again in its full shine!


Application & surface:


Finish, buffing Removal of care products: suitable on all surfaces




  • 2x microfiber cloth, 500GSM, 40x40cm, green
  • 1x microfiber cloth, 500GSM, 40x40cm, white


Product features:


  • Edgeless super fleece microfiber cloth
  • Colors: 1x white, 2x green
  • 40x40cm, 550GSM
  • edgeless through ultrasonic cut
  • Very gentle on the paint
  • Free of streaks and lint
  • Ideal tool for the Nuke Guys Quick 'n' Gloss Quick Detailer

Important instructions:


  • Do not wash product with household towels or clothes
  • Wash microfibers only with a microfibre detergent, no more than 60 degrees
  • Material composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
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