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Nuke Guys

Nuke Guys - Tyre Gel 500ml + Applicator

Marque: Nuke Guys
Disponibilité: En stock

With the Nuke Guys Tire Gel, you can restore a long-lasting new look and shine. Your rubber stays elastic and stable, even after you've scrubbed it for miles. It also prevents freezing in winter. Potency boost for your tires.


  • Tire gel for a beautiful shine and care of the tires
  • Long-lasting, new look
  • The rubber of the tires remains elastic and stable
  • Prevents freezing in winter



  1. Clean rims and tires
  2. Apply tire gel to the rubber with an applicator and let it soak into the tires
  3. Remove product residues with a microfiber cloth




  • Check suitability and compatibility before use
  • Do not use in the sun or on hot tires
  • Protect product from frost
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