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Meguiar's - NXT Generation Car Wash 532ml

Marque: Meguiar’s
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A synthetic shampoo that penetrates to the dirt and dissolves without removing the protection from the wax. The pH balanced formula removes road and surface contamination in a gentle yet effective way. Makes water softer, so you have less chance of lime stains.




  1. Rinse the car with water. Mix 30ml NXT Shampoo per 4 liters of water in bucket.
  2. Wash the car with a high-quality wash mitt!
  3. Always use 2 buckets!
  4. Wash in long lanes, do not turn in circles, this causes washing scratches (swirls).
  5. Wash per panel
  6. Rinse the car regularly so that the shampoo does not dry out.
  7. Dry the car with a good drying cloth, do not use chamois!
  8. After washing, a sealant or a quick detailer can always be applied.
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