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Gyeon - Q² One 50ml

Marque: Gyeon
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Gyeon Q2 Prime is an advanced quartz coating that provides long-lasting protection in one step and adds extra shine. Q2 Prime uses the latest silicon technology (Si) that leaves a layer of polymers on the surface, these react quickly, leaving a fully crystallized SiO2 layer on the body.

Unlike other nanotechnologies, Gyeon Q2 Prime does not contain alcohol, so it will not dissolve quickly, making the application very simple. In addition, Q2 Prime contains slightly more than 50% SiO2 polymers, which is a lot higher than many counterparts. The result is that with every extra layer the paint is less sensitive to scratches!

The result of the thick smooth coating is that the surface becomes extremely water-repellent, causing rain and wash water to bead and run off. This extremely pearly effect not only looks nice but also helps to remove dirt more easily. This makes the weekly wash easier and faster. In addition, Gyeon Q2 Prime offers optimal protection against bird droppings, flies, salt, UV radiation, ...

Q2 Prime provides incredible protection for up to 12 months, including on daily used vehicles. It is virtually unaffected by strong chemicals and can only be removed by machine polishing.


Gyeon Q2 Prime is currently only offered as a set. That set includes:


  • 50ml Gyeon Q2 Prime
  • 100ml Gyeon Q2M Cure
  • 3M Mouth Mask
  • Gyeon Applicator Set
  • Instruction manual


Who is Q² One designed for?


  • Detailing enthusiast
  • Customers expecting more durability and resistance than Q² CanCoat
  • Customers working in their home garage or weekend warrior
  • User should ideally have coatings installation experience




  • 1 layer coating, possible layering
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Thickness: 0,2 – 0,5qm
  • Durability: >12 months-15.000km
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