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Gyeon - Q² Trim Kit 30ml

Marque: Gyeon
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Gyeon Q² Trim is an advanced quartz coating specially developed to protect plastic against UV radiation and oxidation. Q² Trim uses the latest silicon technology (Si) that leaves a layer of polymers and elastic binders on the surface, which react quickly, leaving a fully crystallized SiO2 layer on the plastic surface.

Unlike other nano technologies, Gyeon Q² Trim does not contain alcohol, which means it will not dissolve quickly, making the application very simple. Thanks to its unique formula, it works perfectly to make faded plastics dark again, but it also hides other symptoms of aging. A beautiful satin shine remains on the surface, without stains or streaks, even when it gets wet.

The result of the thick smooth coating is that the surface becomes extremely water-repellent, causing rain and wash water to bead and run off. This extreme pearling effect not only looks nice, but also helps to remove dirt more easily. This makes the weekly wash easier and faster.

Q² Trim offers incredible protection against UV rays and oxidation for up to 12 months, even on a daily used car. This makes the product cheaper than many competitors.

Gyeon Q² Trim can be used on high-gloss plastic, light blocks and hard plastics with a rougher structure. It is not suitable for treating flexible or soft rubber surfaces.


Gyeon Q² Trim is currently only available as a set.




  • 30ml Gyeon Q² Trim
  • Applicator Set
  • Instruction manual


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