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Gyeon - Q²M Bathe+ 1L

Marque: Gyeon
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Gyeon Q²M Bathe + is the first pH neutral shampoo with SiO2 in the world. Even a quick wash leaves a strong water-repellent layer that repels moisture and dirt and ensures that you can postpone the next wash for a while. Washing with Q²M Bathe + is already a pleasure in itself. The shampoo is pleasant to use and has that characteristic odor that lovers of the entire GYEON range are able to appreciate.


Just 20-30 ml of Bathe +, dissolved in approximately 12 liters of water, is enough to wash your car and provide it with a smooth, self-cleaning and water-repellent layer if the car is already protected with a coating.

For use without an already applied coating, apply the product directly to the washmitt or wash pad during normal washing. Do not allow to dry up, rinse in time. Especially in warm weather. Do not use in the sun.


When developing Q²M Bathe + there was only one goal: to reduce a wash that normally consisted of several steps to a single, simple step. With ingredients that ensure a great water-repellent effect and a smooth wash. At the same time with as many self-cleaning properties as possible, so that less washing is required than normal.




  1. Fill your bucket half full with lukewarm / warm water
  2. Add 15-20ml
  3. Fill your bucket full for a nice foaming effect
  4. Start the washing process
  5. Do not allow the product to dry
  6. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residues


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