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Gyeon - Q²M WetCoat 500ml

Marque: Gyeon
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Gyeon Q²M Wetcoat makes it very easy to maintain your car. Simply spray it on after the car has been washed and rinsed. Drying is not necessary before you apply the product, then spray with high pressure for a huge boost in water repellency.


Q²M Wetcoat offers more than 12 weeks of protection. Not only for paintwork but also for rims, unpainted plastic and windows.


Q²M Wetcoat combines particularly good water repellency with self-cleaning properties. Of course, the coating does not stay perfectly clean after a long drive in bad weather, but with this coating you can safely skip a wash once.


Pay attention:


  • Do not let dry!
  • Rinse in time, especially in warm weather!
  • Do not use in the sun!
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