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GL - Robust Neutral Wheel Cleaner

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Looking for a PH neutral rim cleaner that is safe for every type of rim? Whether you have high-gloss compacted wheels, aluminum, clear coat sprayed, matt wheels or durabright… The product soaks the metal particles from the material. That's why it is also called an Iron remover or Fallout remover in the detailers world. When the product comes into contact with metal particles, it will turn purple.


TIP: This can also be used for very light surface rust. Because it is safe for any type of surface, it can be an extremely fine product because it requires no friction on the material. Spray neat and then rinse.



Spray the liquid evenly on a dry or damp rim. Depending on the severity of the soiling, let the rim cleaner do its work for 1 to 3 minutes (do not let it dry). For very dirty rims, briefly work in and distribute with a sponge, brush or rim brush. Rinse rims with a high-pressure cleaner.



For example, vehicles that come into contact with metal particles a lot through transport, parking at the railways, driving over industrial sites, etc. can feel a bit rough. The metal particles in the air have then landed on the car and remain there. By using ROBUST on the paint, diluted 1: 1 with water, you save product and clean the car from metal particles and chemical decontamination.

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