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Waxedshine - Snowfoam Luxury Shampoo

Marque: Waxedshine
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Waxedshine’s high concentrate snow foam formula is thesnow foam easy and efficient way to wash any car, RV, bike, boat and more. Working best with the Waxedshine Snow Foam Lance the foam thickness is something you have to try and see for yourself. With a fresh lemon and lime scent Snow Foaming your vehicles is a process that you will want to do over and over again. It brings fun to the washing process.


The formula has been made with the highest quality ingredients and is pH Neutral and safe on skin and all surfaces.


Is your car extremely dirty, or have salt all over it from a harsh season of weather? Use Waxedshine’s Snow Foam as a pre-wash. With dirt and grime lifting technologies the once dangerous contaminants to your paint will be lifted and will wash away when you rinse the foam off ready to do a wash that will not leave your car swirl free. It really is a must have product in your range.

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