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Carpro - So2Pure Odor Eliminator 120ml

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So2Pure is an advance high-end grade air purification coating based on the latest nano-science technology - photo catalyst. In the presence of light, active oxygen is formed and excited on the So2Pure treated surfaces to destroy all micro-sized air pollutants that land on it, including petrol fumes, smog, diesel smoke, exhaust gases, industrial smoke, chemical off-gassing or VOCs from car fabric, leather and plastic materials, air toxins, cigarette odor, etc. Whether they are disturbing allergens, toxic diesel exhaust, moldy odor, or even lingering tobacco smell, So2Pure does NOT just simply destroy them but totally decompose their microscopic remnants into harmless gas and water vapor. The whole process of So2Pure photo catalytic decomposition is non-selective and green in nature. Compare to current popular yet unsafe ozone purification, ionic, or HEPA technology, photo catalyst is by far the most effective purification method available for air treatment. So2Pure durable coating requires only ONE single application to keep your car clean and purified at all time. Each application guarantees for a purification effect of up to 1 year. So2Pure is safe, non-toxic, pH neutral, colorless, and odorless, and can be applied to virtually any surface of your car interior such as headliner, seat, ceiling, dashboard, side panels. Furthermore So2Pure coats the surfaces inside your vehicle and attacks future odor molecules as they come into contact with it.

First understand that So2Pure is not a surface cleaner. The first step to its use is cleaning the surfaces properly. After the surfaces are clean and dry its the microscopic remnants that are left over and that causes the odors to re-emerge. This is where So2Pure takes over and does its job to great affect.




  • So2Pure Air Purifying system developed by CarPro is a unique take on car odor eliminators.
  • Allergy sufferers, chemical intolerant people, smokers, or any odor haters will appreciate the benefits So2Pure coating brings
  • Green technology: It works better than plug-in air purifiers or spray deodorizers and you don't have clouds of artificial fragrance in your vehicle.
  • Eliminates odors including but not limited to those caused by smoke, pets, tobacco, food, gas fumes, diesel, smog, allergens, chemical off-gassing from plastics, and more.
  • Safe, non-toxic, pH-neutral, colorless and odorless.
  • Try not to confuse So2Pure with an air freshener. I will not mask or cover up bad smells. So2Pure will eliminate the odor, and continue to do so for up to 1 year.
  • Because So2Pure actually CLEANS the air, it is great for allergy sufferers and anyone with sensitivity to certain smells.
  • Once treated your car will be protected from bad lingering odors for up to a year.




  • Clean all surfaces well prior to applying So2pure.
  • Apply it to any surface within your car interior, such as the headliner, seats, dashboard, door panels & even your glass.
  • Spray So2Pure as directed on clean surfaces
  • Wipe in with Microfiber towel
  • Allow to dry
  • Please Note: So2pure is an air purifier and will eliminate all smells good or bad from within the confines of your vehicle. Any use of air fresheners or scents of any type will be short lived and not beneficial in the long term.
  • If you doubt the power of So2pure, get your favorite training shoes and give them a few sprays of So2pure before leaving them outside for 10 minutes. Now take a whiff.
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