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Autoglanz - Spar-Tar Remover 500ml

Marque: AutoGlanz
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The Autoglanz Spar-Tar gel is an extremely effective, hydrocarbon-based tar and glue removal Gel! This gel actually dissolves the tar and glue when it comes into contact with each other. The Spar-Tar contains advanced thickeners. This means that when the Spar-Tar is applied, it literally clings to the panel to be treated instead of sliding off the panel. In this way, the time that the liquid is in contact with pollution is drastically improved and the effectiveness of the product increases.

The Autoglanz Spar-Tar has built-in emulsifying agents so that the product is broken down when it comes into contact with water, the product can be easily rinsed with water. The deep red color makes it clear where a panel has been treated. In this way one can work effectively without using too much of a product.

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