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Meguiar's - 3 in 1 Wax 473ml

Marke: Meguiar’s
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With the 3 in 1 wax you can easily reduce minor paint defects such as light swirls. In addition, you improve gloss and your paint color because the top layer of the (clear) paint is smoothed, so the color comes into its own better. The 3-in-1 Wax is and remains a wax and therefore has the main task of protecting the paint. The degree of paint correction will partly depend on manual or machine use.


MAINTENANCE: We recommend to wax the car every 3 months with the 3-in-1 Wax. You can also strengthen your wax protection by maintaining it with Hybrid Ceramic Wax. Read this blog on our website how to apply Hybrid Ceramic Wax.


TIP: we advise to pre-treat the surface with clay and detailer. This removes surface contamination so you get a better result with the 3-in-1 wax. This prevents you from rubbing stuck dirt on the paint and the wax will provide longer protection through better adhesion. Clay the paint surface about twice a year.

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