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3D Car Care

3D Car Care - All Purpose Cleaner

Marke: 3D Car Care
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3D All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect cleaner to solve all of your interior and exterior messes in a way that most cleaners can’t. 3D All Purpose Cleaner is a strong cleaner that is capable of breaking up the debris and contaminants that find there way onto the surface using powerful cleaner agents. But 3D All Purpose Cleaner won’t just stop there! After it has eliminated the mess, its enzyme eliminating ingredients will work quickly to break down and eliminate any odor causing particles that are left behind! 3D All Purpose Cleaner will eliminate any spill, muck, or mess until there’s nothing left!

While we all strive to avoid eating or drinking in our cars for fear of spills, it is not always completely avoidable. And as soon as you do, it is inevitable that it is going to end up on your seats or your upholstery. Now you’ve got quite a big problem on your hands. Any food or drink is going to eventually start to breakdown and decay, causing not only a noticeable stain, but also a miserable stench as well! Simple soap and water and even a good brush may be able to take care of the stain (if it doesn’t ruin your interior first), however, that stench will linger on for quite some time to come.

3D All Purpose Cleaner was designed to specifically battle this scenario. Most other cleaners are formulated mainly to take out the stains and debris, but they are not able to eliminate the smell. 3D Enzyme-Odor Eliminator APC, on the other hand, was formulated with enzyme eating ingredients. enzymes are organic proteins that almost every food and drink we consume today contains. When these enzymes being to die due to decay, they exude a terrible stench, which is why your interior always stinks days after a spill. But, the enzyme eliminators in 3D All Purpose Cleaner break them down quickly, thoroughly removing them AND their stench from your interior!

Even though this is the main function of 3D Enzyme-Odor Eliminator APC, it is still an effective cleaner as well! 3D All Purpose Cleaner will penetrate deep even into your carpet and upholstery surfaces. Once it is in there, the cleaner agents in 3D Enzyme-Odor Eliminator APC’s formula will breakdown any debris, contaminants, and dirt that was absorbed by your upholstery during the spill. Once the mess is no longer able entwined in the fabrics of your interior, it can be easily scrubbed or wiped away!


Dilution Ratios:

  • Light Duty: 1:10 (Product:Water)
  • Pre-Spotting: 1:4 (Product:Water)
  • Heavy Duty: 1:1 (Product:Water)


16.oz = 473.17ml

1 gallon = 3785.41ml


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